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Perform Netgear EX6150 Setup: Handy Steps to Implement

Netgear EX6150 is best used for enhancing the quality of the internet connection. Moreover, it is required to cover a large area within the same network without dropping the signal. Setting up the Netgear extender is not an easy task for a non-tech-savvy person.

However, we are going to talk about the steps that will guide you to set up the Netgear extender and connect to an access point flawlessly. In case of severe issues, it is a reliable way to consult with the experts and perform Netgear EX6150 setup procedure easily. 

Netgear AC 1200 WiFi Range Extender EX6150 Setup with Simple Steps

To set up the Netgear EX6150 and connect it to an access point, you should follow the steps sequentially. 

Keep the Extender and Supply Power Appropriate Place

First, place both the Wi-Fi extender and the router to the same room and then try to configure them. 

  1. Place the extender and the Wi-Fi device in the same room. Though, the Wi-Fi router is required at the time of the installation process. 
  2. Now, connect the extender to an electric power outlet and wait until the LED lit up. So, if the green light is not shown, then press the Power ON/OFF button on the side of the extender. 
  3. Next, establish a connection by connecting the Wi-Fi to an access point. 

Configure Access Point

To create a connection between the Wi-Fi and the Netgear extender, configure the access point accurately. Do the following steps and complete the Netgear ac1200 WiFi range extender ex6150 setup completely. 

  1. First, plug-in the extender to an electric outlet and wait until the power LED is turned to green.
  2. Ensure that the Access point or Extender sliding switch is set to Access Point Mode and it is connected to EX6150.
  3. Now, use the ethernet cable and then connect the extender to a LAN port on your PC.
  4. Open the Wi-Fi connection manager from the Wi-Fi-enabled client device and then choose any of the Wi-Fi extender networks.
  5. After establishing the connection between the client device and the extender Wireless network, the extender setup page will be launched automatically. 
  6. Now, go to the page and click on the New Extender Setup button.
  7. After that, enter the details on the newly created account page and then hit the Next button.
  8. You can then see whether the Access Point or Extender is connected to Extender mode not. If it shows another value, then set to Access Point.
  9. Confirm the process by pressing the Continue button and let the extender to detect the internet connection of the router. 

Final Words…

Here, it has been discussed the process of how to Netgear ac1200 WiFi range extender EX6150 setup. Moreover, we have arranged the steps sequentially that will help you to get a smooth internet connection.