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How To Install Hard Drive On Netgear Centria?

This blog will take users through how to Install Hard Drive On Netgear Centria. But before that let us know what is it? Netgear Centria is a wireless router device for easy communication between networks. The device is known as an automatic backup advantage with media server. The device works with high speed performance. It comes with upgradeable internal storage. Now, let us see how to proceed ahead and install the hard drive on Centria. 

Steps to Install Hard Drive On Netgear Centria are:

Install Hard Drive On Netgear Centria

Step 1: To Install Hard Drive On Netgear Centria, there are few things which users should consider. They are router device, power adapter, an Ethernet cable, 0.75 inch tray for HDD and a disk drive depending on model

Step 2: Check whether above materials are compatible with SATA Hard Drive.  Now do ensure that you have turned off the router device. Alternatively, unplug or simply work with the power switch.

Step 3: Open up the router’s door which is located at the side end of your device. Gently move down the latch and to its side. It is optional to insert the tray when users are working with .75 inch drives.

Step 4: Now, insert the drive but make sure that SATA interface is upwards. But before you perform this step, do not forget to remove the tray of 1 inch HDDs.

Step 5: Now, return the latch towards the closed position and close the outer door tightly. Here is a caution as per Netgear router support service technical team where users will not close the side door. This is when the latch is not returned to the closed position. Also, the issue may be due to if users have insert the hard drive in a wrong direction

Step 6:  For better result, do check that users are inserting the hard drive correctly. Close the latch now. The latch will appear in a blue color

Step 7: If you can see the “red light” then, it will indicate that users have to format their hard drive. Here your router will automatically display a prompt message.

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