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How to Reset Factory Defaults Settings of NETGEAR Router R6300v2 ?

It is quite easy to Reset Factory Defaults Settings of Netgear Router R6300v2. You may come across wide number of methods of resetting process but here you are made aware of reboot methods for this particular task. One can Reset Factory Defaults Settings of Netgear Router R6300v2 if he/she has forgotten user name or password.

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According to Netgear router technical support number professionals, at the time of resetting the router the following settings will be changed:

  • NetGear Router username as well as password
  • Wi-Fi username as well as password
  • ISP IP addresses as well as DNS
  • Any firewall settings that  have been made
  • Any port forwards system that have been set up
  • Configuration or settings changes made by a user to router.

This particular process of Reset Factory Defaults Settings of Netgear Router R6300v2 with the help of button has been guided by a team of expert Netgear router support phone number professionals. To reset the NetGear router to its factory default configuration with the help of the Reset button, here are following steps mentioned:

  • First switch the router on.
  • Next, you are required to reset the button on the router which is located at the back side of the router.
  • Press and then hold the reset button with a paper clip while powering on the router.
  • Next step requires releasing the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Wait for 5 to 8 minutes for the router to finish the booting process.
  • Check the lights of the NetGear router. At the time when lights are solid or in the blink position in repeating patterns, it shows that the router has finished the booting.
  • Finally, power off the router carefully.

So, now the router is reset now already and will reboot into the factory-default configuration settings easily.

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