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How To Fix IP Address Conflict Error?

Facing an IP address conflict in any of your devices? If so, you most probably are not being able to connect to the internet, either because you don’t have the access or the connection is unstable. An IP address error is quite a frustrating issue. Although it is not very common, an IP Addresses Error can render computers in a network utterly useless in terms of network connectivity. However, you are not on the darker side of the error because we are just about to resolve the conflict forever.

Netgear routers have a good recognition as one of the best routers to work with. It finds its name as a prominent router service provider at an affordable price range. However, the wonder device also hosts quite a number of issues like the Netgear Router IP error. The error basically arises as soon as the user starts his PC. It makes its way into the system even if the device is in sleep mode.

The IP address error message executes while users are turning on the computer or are even working in sleep mode when two PC devices on the same LAN network end up conflicting with the same IP address. At this point in time, both of the computers end up of not able to connect to the network resources and performing other network operations. Below are solutions to Fix IP Address Conflict Error.

What Is An IP Address Error?

Windows has detected an IP address conflict. “Another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details are available in the Windows System event log.”

This message means that two or more computers in a single network have the same IP address. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is your computer’s unique identifier, comprised of a string of numbers, such as This address is mandatory to connect to the network. If you’re lucky, the problem will resolve automatically. Though, in many cases the IP address error relapses.

The IP address error can occur because of the following reasons:

  • Two computers are assigned the same static IP addresses
  • One computer is assigned a static IP address that falls into the DHCP range for the local network and the same address is assigned to a computer by the DHCP server
  • A laptop is put into sleep mode and then turned on while connected to another network that has already assigned the same IP address to another computer
  • If you have multiple network adapters, it is possible for the computer to have an IP address conflict with itself
  • If you have connected multiple wireless routers to your network and DHCP is enabled on more than one device

Let us not go into further details and provide you with the solution to this irritable problem. You can get in touch with us for the most relevant reason for this issue to occur in your device.

Fix IP Address Conflict Error

Fix IP Address Conflict Error – Causes and Solutions

The error mainly arises when multiple devices are connected to a single LAN. As a result of which, the two networks end up in conflicting with the single IP address. Thus, the devices are unable to connect to network resources along with an inability to perform any other network operation as well.

All these errors demand absolute solutions to rectify critical glitches from the roots. Here are some of the possible solutions you can try.

Reconfigure the IP address

It is quite a common solution that can prompt you towards upgrading the situation by renewing the IP address.  You need to type the “CMD” command in the box and see if your machine is showing any considerable change as a result of it. You can run the command that will, in turn, renew your system IP address making the DHCP server available.

Restart The Wireless Router

You can also try out the step to restart your Netgear router and see if it works satisfactorily in overcoming Netgear Router IP error. This will act just the right way to detect and fix the malfunction apart from assisting you to fix IP address conflict error.

However, the steps are not that easy and you will require some relevant troubleshooting to resolve the error. In that case, you must take professional help from some expert support provider that will get you the desired technical assistance for resolving all the troubles. For that, you can avail our assistance at a budget-friendly price.

2nd Solutions To Fix IP Address Conflict Error

Solution 1: Try our renewing and re-configuring the IP addresses
Step 1: Renew the IP Address

The first thing is to release and then, renew the IP address of the computer with the help of command prompt. Tap the “Start” button and type in the “CMD” command. Now, at the command prompt, type the below command to release theIP address as: ipconfig /release. Depending on a wide number of adapters installed in the machine, a wide number of results will appear. Now, run the command to renew the IP address which is easily available from the DHCP server and is typed as ipconfig /renew. Try to see results for IP address listed just next to the IPv4 Address.

Step 2: Reconfigure the static IP address

If users are working with the static IP address, consider changing it to other static IP address. Your current IP address will start conflicting with the set of IP addresses which the DHCP server is executing. The IP address can also be acquired directly from the DHCP server or via manual mode by entering an IP address. To perform this step, tap the “Control Panel’, go to “icons view” and then click the “Network and Sharing Center” icon. Click the “Change adapter settings’ and then, right-click the network adapter which is currently being used for the Internet connection. Click to select the “Properties’ icon. Now, carefully choose a proper IP address from a DHCP server as suggested by Netgear Router Support professionals. Enter the static IP address. Unless you are sure about what is the actual IP address, just obtain it automatically from a DHCP server.

Solution 2: Restarting the wireless router

This is another solution where users need to restart the wireless router for performing a quick reboot process. After restarting it, start the PC device too. Well, in rare instances, the actual DHCP server can further lead to malfunction mode which is assignedto more than one computer the same IP address. So, here, it is always better to try and update the firmware on the router. Most of the people don’t ever update their router firmware which is the ultimate cause of the problem, so issues like this can crop up easily.

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I hope these solutions will help you out in fixing up the IP address conflict issue. But we recommend users to get in touch with our teamfor resolving such problems with the right solution.

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