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netgear router support phone number

Techniques to update your Netgear router firmware

NETGEAR routers are the brand name and release new firmware versions every now and then to improve its product performance by appending new features. The router firmware which is a  routing software is stored in flash memory safely. Users might come across a message at the top of the router page whenever new firmware update is in the market. Responding to that message for updating the firmware can easily be done.  In case of any issues faced while updating the firmware, Netgear Router Support Number help is highly recommended for users.Netgear router support number

The Process of checking a firmware and updating your router:

• A user is required to launch a web browser from a device or Wi-Fi device is needed to be connected to the network easily.
Note: Here Ethernet cable is required to get connected to your computer into your router to easily update the firmware.
• Next, enter address.
• Then, enter the router login details: user name and password.
Note: The default user name is admin, and the default password is password. Well, the user name and password both are highly case-sensitive.
• Next step asks users to select “ADVANCED > Administration” option.
• Then, a user is required to click on the “Firmware Update” or on ‘Router Update” button.
Note: The button label varies from router to router
• Click on the “Check” button.
Note: The router always looks for the latest firmware information and if any such information is available, it will display a message asking “if you really want to download and then install it”.
• Click on the “Yes” button. This will start the router firmware download and will begin to update.

  • A note of caution:

In order to avoid the risk of getting your firmware corrupted, do not try to interrupt the update. Let’s take for example:  users should try not to close the browser, click on a new link, or load a new page. Also turning off the router is not allowed. In case of any difficulty, users are always welcome to dial at Netgear Router Technical Support Phone Number +1-888-624-7214.

netgear router technical support number

After the completion of uploading process, the router will automatically restart its working process.