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How to Fix Undetected DSL Cable into the Router ADSL port Error?

The error occurs generally if the twisted cable network LED line remains unlit or blinking and may be it never functions smoothly is the absolute issue with the filter or the line. Also it is possible that the internet service hasn’t been fully activated in the user’s your phone connection yet. Professionals have advised users to verify all the devices whether they are connected to the phone line and are going through appropriate filters or not. Users will come across following issues such as

“No DSL Cable is Plugged into the Router ADSL Port” during initial genie setup.
“The “twisted cable” line LED remains blinking and never turns solid”

Professional team of technicians have found appropriate solutions to Fix Undetected DSL Cable into the Router ADSL port Error by explaining each step in details. Let’s see now.

Fix Undetected DSL Cable into the Router ADSL port Error

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Steps to Fix Undetected DSL Cable into the Router ADSL port Error

Step 1: Verification is needed got a proper filter connection

  • The first and the foremost step is to verify whether the filter is accurately attached to the device or not. Make sure that all your phones re well connected in the socket which is labeled as “phone” in the filter while the NETGEAR gateway should remain connected to the one labeled as “ADSL”.
  • Check for whether there are any phones or fax machines in your home premises, and make sure that they are all functioning via proper filters.

Step 2: Check for phone cables whether they are accurately connected or not

  • Now the next step is to check whether the phone cable which is being connected from the socket and is labelled as “ADSL” in the filter, to be plugged to the respective grey port in the NETGEAR gateway/router device.
  • Make sure that the yellow ports are used exclusively for local wired devices such as PCs or printers.

Step 3: Verification of synchronized line

  • The last step should be to verify whether the line is synchronizing well by simply looking at the “twisted cable” LED line located in the front display.
  • You will see a blinking green light while trying to synchronize and when the synchronization process is complete.
  • Users at last will very well see that the “globe” internet LED will remain constant red until you are done with setup process
  • Once it is found that the LED line is a solid green and on the other hand the internet LED is solid red so that you can easily continue with the genie Wizard setup process.

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