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Steps to Disable Wireless Router Firewall

Installing a firewall on your router as well as your PC can be beneficial for your router as it protects them from various cyber-attacks. Sometimes we need to disable the firewall of the router due to fixing conflicts between the firewall of operating system and the router. Read the steps to Disable Wireless Router Firewall by Netgear Support experts are given below.

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Procedure For How to Disable Wireless Router Firewall

Procedure 1: Find the Default Gateway and IP Address of Netgear Router

  • Input “cmd” in the search field at start menu.
  • Then input “ipconfig /all” in the search field.
  • The default gateway and IP addresses will be situated in the IP configuration details.
  • The default gateway and IP address are displayed.
  • The next step is to access web interface of Netgear router by using the default gateway.

Procedure 2: Disabling the Firewall of Router

  • Find the firewall settings of your router.
  • The firewall settings are displayed in the advanced firewall menu of web interface of the router.
  • Then disable the firewall.
  • When you find the firewall settings on web interface of your router then highlight the alternative or tick in the box named “Disable” to turn off the router’s firewall.
  • The final step is to click at yes if asked to verify the changes.
  • Congratulations! The firewall is disabled.

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How to Reset Netgear Router?

So, given a chance to think over whether you hate it at the time of boot process of your computer, your web browser is running and it’s where you have a sluggish Internet connection or zero Internet connectivity. According to Netgear Router Software Support experts, you simply need to have a reset process of the Netgear router. This blog will further describe all the methods needed to reset the router so that you can have a smooth Internet connection up and running at faster rates. To Reset Netgear Router, just read the steps are given below.

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Steps to Reset Netgear Router

Step 1: Deals with the Hard Reset process

  1. Turn off the computer first.
  2. Next, unplug or simply turn off the DSL/cable modem immediately.
  3. Just carefully locate straight at the back of your NETGEAR router, where a small button that reads “Reset” menu will appear.
  4. You are supposed to straighten a paper clip and just insert the end directly into the opening for the Reset button.
  5. Wait for the Power, WLAN and Internet lights to get connected. It will take few minutes to process.
  6. Plug in or just turn on the modem if you see that it is separated from the NETGEAR router.
  7. Open up the web browser to just watch whether you have an Internet connection or not?

Steps 2: Describes about the Soft Reset process

  • Open up the browser and just type “” IP address straight into the address bar.
  • Next, you are required to type the username and password into the fields.
  • Just tap on the “Administration” menu
  • Click on the “Save” setting option.

Steps 3:Works with the resetting of the IP address

  • Enter the “” into the browser’s address bar on which you are working currently.
  • Watch out for the network settings of the ISP which is located just under the setup menu.
  • Selecting the “Release and Renew” button is necessary until you have found a correct working IP address.

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How to Reset a Netgear Router DG834Gv5 or DGN2000 Password ?

Netgear Router DG834Gv5 is widely preferred by users across the globe. It plugs into the ADSL line directly. So, there’s no need for a separate modem. You can easily share the ADSL connection with your office or home computers. In addition, the Netgear DG834Gv5 is compatible with 802.11b wireless networks. Its Firewall and WPA-PSK encryption also protect you from intruders.

Nevertheless, users often fail to remember the password of their Netgear routers. They may have lost the password required to access the internet. In that case, you must be searching for a reliable support to fix Netgear Router password.

If you’ve forgotten or lost the password of your Netgear router and facing difficulty in accessing the internet then the only option left for you is Reset a Netgear Router DG834Gv5 or DGN2000 Password to its default factory settings.

Reset the Netgear router DG834Gv5 or DGN2000 Netgear Router

If you want to reset Netgear Router DG834Gv5. Then follow some steps.

  • Find the switch on the back side of the router named “WPS” and “Wireless”.
  • Then Push both the “WPS” and “Wireless” switches at the related time for five or six seconds. Now you can restart the router.
  • So, Log in to the router on your system by trying the failure username and password of the Netgear router.
  • After that error username is “admin” and the failure password is “1234.”
  • Congratulations! now You will be able to log in the Netgear router.

Reasons You Might Want To Reset Netgear Router Password

There might be several reasons because of which you might need to reset Netgear Router DG834Gv5 password.

  • In case you have forgotten the password, you might face difficulties to reset it.
  • If you are having problems with the internet connection, you might want to reset the password as well.
  • Also, if there are network issues or you can’t get the internet speed after you have upgraded your internet speed, it can be a wise decision to reset the password.
  • Often, you may have lost the internet connection while working. In that case, the Netgear router may be unable to connect to the internet altogether. You may need to reset the password in that scenario as well.
  • There’s a chance that someone else set the password for you previously. You might not know the password. As a result, it can also enable you to reset Netgear Router DG834Gv5 password.
  • Furthermore, you may need to block some unauthorized users from using your network connection unethically.

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Steps to Reset Netgear Router DG834Gv5 or DGN2000 Password

You need to follow any one of the two methods given below to Reset a Netgear Router.

Step 1: Reset a DG834Gv5 or DGN2000 Netgear Router

  • Find the buttons on the back side of the router named “WPS” and “Wireless”.
  • Push both the “WPS” and “Wireless” buttons at the similar time for five seconds. The routers will now restart.
  • Log in to the router on your PC by using the default username and password of Netgear router.
  • The default username is “admin” and the default password is “1234.”
  • Congrats! You will now log in to the Netgear router.

reset a netgear router

Step 2: Reset Netgear Routers Having Button on its Rear Panel

  • Find the reset button at the back side of your Netgear router.
  • Then use a pen to push and hold the reset button for up to ten seconds.
  • The next step is to release the reset button. Now the Netgear router will restart.
  • Log in to the Netgear router on your PC by using the default username and password of Netgear router.
  • “Admin” is the default username and password is “1234”.
  • Wait for few seconds so that the router will accept your sign-in credentials.

Alternate Method To Reset A Netgear Router Password

If you reset the password of Netgear Router DG834Gv5, you will be able to log into your router and then make changes to the settings and preferences. In order to do so, you need to restore the router’s default settings. You will need to follow any of the two methods mentioned below to reset the password.

Method 1   

Firstly, you will need to find the buttons named ‘WPS’ and ‘Wireless’ on the back side of the router. After that, you need to push both the buttons for five seconds. Then, you will see that the router will restart. After that, you will have to log in to the router from your computer. For doing that, you will have to use the default username and password of your router. Then, you will be allowed to log in to your Netgear router.

Method 2

In the next method, you will need to find the reset button at the back side of your router. After that, push and hold the button for at least 10 seconds by using a pen. Then, you are supposed to release the reset button. As a result, you will see the Netgear router to restart. After that, you will need to log in to the router with the default username and password on your system as the next step. Wait for a few minutes before checking whether the process has finished or not.

By following the methods mentioned above, you can Reset a Netgear Router DG834Gv5 or DGN2000 Password.

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How to Resolve LEDs/blinking power LED issue in NETGEAR Router

How to Resolve LEDs/blinking power LED issue in Netgear Router

At the time of turning on the router, the Power amber LED lights will blink for about 20 seconds and then turn into green or white. So, in this case if the Power LED does not turn into a green or a white or even if it stays blinking for a long period then according to our netgear router technical experts, it’s a message for users that router has a problem. The below mentioned blog will elaborate few steps Resolve LEDs/blinking power LED issue in Netgear Router.

Netgear router

Symptoms of Netgear router’s amber or blinking power LED:

  1. Amber Power LED
  2. Power LED stays amber
  3. Blinking Power LED
  4. Power LED does not turn green or white
  5. No devices can go online
  6. Not providing valid IP address

Steps to Resolve LEDs/blinking power LED issue in Netgear Router Under Expert Guidance by Netgear Router Support Team:

  • Initially turn off the router and then simply turn it back again to test if the Power LED turns green or white?
  • Press and then hold the Reset button for a while in order to restore the router back to its factory settings.
  • Next, if you see that the Power LED is still blinking,  then connecting it to the PC to the LAN port of the router is essential.
  • Set the computer IP address, Subnet Mask, as well as Default Gateway to static mode.
  • After a proper setting of the computer IP address to static mode is well established, open up the command prompt.
  • Next, just type the ping and then just hit the Enter key.
  • If it is showing that replies are appearing,  then reinstall the firmware on a router without the setup CD recovery tool

An important Note for Specific Systems to Deal with Netgear Router’s amber or Blinking Power LED:

  1. For Windows, click on the start button and then in the search box, just type cmd and hit the enter option.
  2. For Mac OSX, a user needs to click on the Go > Utilities > Terminal option.

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How To Resolve Intermittent Wi-Fi Connections Issue in Netgear Router?

The intermittent Wi-Fi connection errors are happens due to local environmental factors which impact the Wi-Fi signal. This blog assists you How To Resolve Intermittent Wi-Fi Connections Issue in Netgear Router?

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Symptoms of this issue:

Wi-Fi devices can intermittently disconnect from the Wi-Fi network, contrary to this wired devices are connected and working perfectly. For exceptional and 24/7/365 instant tech support for Netgear Routers call Netgear Router Technical Support @ +1-888-624-7214

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Steps to Resolve Intermittent Wi-Fi Connections Issue in Netgear Router

  • Don’t keep your router too far from your computer instead for a strong Wi-Fi signal keep your router close to your computer.
  • Few cable modems can interrupt the wireless signal of the router, so it is good for you to keep the router a minimum of three feet away from the modem.
  • The higher number of devices which are sharing the Wi-Fi network, the reduced bandwidth is available for every device to use.  One or two devices may be utilizes the more bandwidth.  Try disconnecting few of the devices to enhance the performance of different devices.
  • Keep all the Wi-Fi gadgets away from different transmitting devices, or switch them off when they are not in use.
  • Always mount your Netgear router vertically with the help of special brackets which are shipped with it.

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How to Reset Factory Defaults Settings of NETGEAR Router R6300v2 ?

It is quite easy to Reset Factory Defaults Settings of Netgear Router R6300v2. You may come across wide number of methods of resetting process but here you are made aware of reboot methods for this particular task. One can Reset Factory Defaults Settings of Netgear Router R6300v2 if he/she has forgotten user name or password.

netgear r6300 router

According to Netgear router technical support number professionals, at the time of resetting the router the following settings will be changed:

  • NetGear Router username as well as password
  • Wi-Fi username as well as password
  • ISP IP addresses as well as DNS
  • Any firewall settings that  have been made
  • Any port forwards system that have been set up
  • Configuration or settings changes made by a user to router.

This particular process of Reset Factory Defaults Settings of Netgear Router R6300v2 with the help of button has been guided by a team of expert Netgear router support phone number professionals. To reset the NetGear router to its factory default configuration with the help of the Reset button, here are following steps mentioned:

  • First switch the router on.
  • Next, you are required to reset the button on the router which is located at the back side of the router.
  • Press and then hold the reset button with a paper clip while powering on the router.
  • Next step requires releasing the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Wait for 5 to 8 minutes for the router to finish the booting process.
  • Check the lights of the NetGear router. At the time when lights are solid or in the blink position in repeating patterns, it shows that the router has finished the booting.
  • Finally, power off the router carefully.

So, now the router is reset now already and will reboot into the factory-default configuration settings easily.

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